The worst day – 10 soldiers die today, 5 + 1 doctor yesterday

Received by email:
I don’t want to go into details now because of the bad breaking news.

Yesterday we lost 5 soldiers and a doctor. Today a group of soldiers out in the field near Kfar Giladi lost 10 men and at least 3 wounded. About 10 Katyushas fell in the area and in the end the men were killed and other armaments exploded. I watched the TV pictures just now of soldiers in shock, crying and even hysterical at the loss of their friends. Many of the soldiers in shock had no shrapnel vests or helmets on, some soldiers were dressed properly but I am uncertain if that would have helped. It was either a lucky shot (unlucky for us) by Hizballah or by sighting. In Bin Jubal more terrorist were killed.

I will update everybody later.

The American Embassy in Tel Aviv has initiated a travel restriction policy for its personnel, governing travel within Israel during the current period of military hostilities. The Embassy is transmitting the text of this policy to private American citizens in Israel via the warden network, to assist you in making your own decisions
regarding travel within Israel. The policy statement is as follows:

A new Travel Warning went into effect on July 19 regarding Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. This warning highlights the threats to American citizens from Hezbollah rocket attacks and potentially violent confrontations in the West Bank and Gaza. It further warns of the dangerous situations caused by these rapidly developing and unpredictable events.

As a result of the violence, the Department of State’s new Travel Warning urges U.S. citizens to “defer travel to affected parts of Israel (rocket attacks have focused on the area north of an east-west line from the coastal city of Haifa to Tiberius on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, including those cities, and on Sderot and Ashkelon in the south).”

The Ambassador has determined that the following policy will apply to all US direct-hire American personnel and family members under Chief of Mission authority, as well as to LES (locally employed staff) staff who conduct official travel on behalf of the United States Government. Until further notice, personal travel by American employees and their family members to the area north of a straight west to east line drawn between the intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 70 to the town of Yardena on the Jordanian border is prohibited.

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