The world is beginning to see what Islam is

The world is beginning to see what Islam is. Islam is nothing more than a project to demonize non-muslims. Islam’s founder and the carekeepers of Islam’s historic records have done more than a good job to prove that one.

What it comes down to is simple logic: if Israel is responsible for Muslim wrath, please tell me what Israel did to encourage Syria to swallow Lebanon, to encourage Saddam Hussein to unleash a bloodbath against Iran, to encourage Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, to encourage Kuwait to expel hundreds of thousands of “palestinians”, to encourage the Taliban to destroy the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, to encourage the slaughter of Christians in the Sudan, to encourage the bombings in Bali that killed 202 people, to encourage church bombings in Pakistan, or to blow up 200 Indians on the railroad system in Bombay.

What Muslims believe in is surely not composed of loving-kindness.

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