The world condemns Israel but ignores Russia’s brutal slave trade

While the world focuses their fangs on Israel merely because she proceeds to monitor potential Muslim terrorists from invading her legitimate and sovereign nation, a Russian serviceman lost his leg and eye while allegedly being forced to work as a slave laborer in Chita, a southern Siberian city about 3,700 miles east of Moscow — the latest evidence of rampant abuse in the nation’s armed forces, news reports said Friday.

The daily Gazeta said that Andrei Rudenko, 24, suffered the injuries in a road accident while working for a businessman. The commander of Rudenko’s unit allegedly sold him to the businessman for $1,300, the newspaper quoted Rudenko’s lawyer, Irina Khrunova, as saying. Officials at the Russian Defense Ministry could not immediately be reached for comment on the report.

The hospital has been treating another soldier who had his legs and genitals amputated after being beaten and tortured by fellow servicemen in a case that shocked the nation, highlighting widespread bullying of young conscripts in the military. His main tormentor was sentenced last month to four years in prison.

All Russian men between 18 and 27 are required to serve at least two years in the armed forces, though many avoid the unpopular draft through medical or educational exemptions or bribery.

But go on, you arrogant nations, go on and condemn Israel whose gifts to the world include research which enables doctors to correctly predict how individual breast cancer patients will respond to chemotherapy treatment in 70 percent of cases, Israeli technology that keeps US borders safe , Israeli agricultural know-how which helps the developing world bloom , Israel’s humanitarian rescue missions abroad, etc. etc. etc. And while you condemn Israel, please let me know what palestinians and Muslim countries have donated to the world, and don’t tell me about the number zero, because the number system was first developed by the Hindus and was in use in India in the 3rd century BC. Besides Pope Sylvester is credited with introducing this system to the west. Go on, we’re waiting …

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