Women’s magazine offers tips to terrorists

Folks, I had set aside this following article to blog about it one day and I had forgotten about it until I went through some notes I had set aside. This was originally published in January 2005:

Al Qaeda has introduced an online women’s magazine with articles including dietary advice for suicide bombers and tips on how to “dominate the passions” before blowing yourself up, according to Italy’s SISDE secret service.
SISDE analysts disclosed the existence of Al Khansa, the unusual monthly Internet publication for female militants that is hosted by several Islamist Web sites, in the Italian spy service’s quarterly review Gnosis.

Khansa is a popular name for Arab women, recalling a 7th century female poet, Tumadir bint Amr, who was known by the sobriquet of Al Khansa — meaning “gazelle” or “snub-nosed” — because of her beauty and exquisite, petite nose.

“Among the Web pages of this newly born female review in Arabic, you won’t find the usual fashion features that fill the pages of ladies’ magazines the world over, except for a section dedicated to fitness with advice on diet and training to follow so as to acquire not a catwalk waistline, but martyrdom in the holy war.”

With its bizarre format including articles on “breathing gymnastics to conquer the passions,” evidently essential knowledge for those tempted to have a final fling before strapping on an explosive-laden corset, Al Khansa could indicate that al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden has made a strategic choice in favor of “women’s emancipation through martyrdom,” according to the Gnosis report.

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