Women For Israel’s Tomorrow (Women in Green)

From Women For Israel’s Tomorrow (Women in Green):

During the time of the Expulsion from Spain, whoever wished to remain Jewish had to leave Spain. Today, when enemies, both internal and external, seek to destroy the Jewish state by the expulsion of Jews, the struggle for the existence of the Jewish state consists, specifically, of embracing the land and remaining in every individual place. In Egypt, the Jews gathered their courage and shouted forth in a loud voice, before the entire world: “Let my people go to the Land of Israel”; now, on the eve of Passover 5764 (2004), we must dare to cry throughout the entire world: “Let my people stay in Eretz Israel – all of Eretz Israel belongs to the People of Israel, in accordance with the Torah of Israel, and there is no power in the world that will move us from here!”


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