Will there ever be a reformation in Islam?

Folks, only when the majority of Muslims rise up in anger against the Islamofascist terrorists, the dictators, and the murderers who are in positions of authority to demand that religions live in peace, only then will there be a change for the good on this troubled planet. Take Christianity for example; culturally and theologically it went from persecuted to predominant to persecutor (under the RCC version) and back to peaceful in less than two thousand years, transforming the Western world for the better, contrary to Islam, whcih in 1500 years has undergone virtually no measurable movement from the barbaric cult of deceit and mayhem it started out as and has frozen its populace in the same subjugation and poverty as when it started. As it looks, Muslims will never rise up and demand peace and good will, for these things are not part of their core doctrine and time has proven Islam incapable of achieving peace or coexistence even within its own ranks.

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