Why Is Muhammad Abu al-Hawa Dead?

From Why Is Muhammad Abu al-Hawa Dead?:

Muhammad Abu al-Hawa, 42, and the father of eight, was shot seven times last Wednesday night and his body and car were torched. He was tortured and murdered because he stood accused of selling an apartment building in Israel’s capital city to Jews. He was buried in a makeshift cemetery because the Palestinian Authority’s mufti in Jerusalem, Ikremah Sabri, has barred all Muslims accused of selling land to Jews from being buried in a Muslim cemetery.

Since 1994, dozens of Arab Israelis and PA residents have been murdered on suspicion of selling land to Jews. Abu al-Hawa’s murder – like those that preceded it – tells us that any Palestinian state will be a racist, apartheid state where laws will be promulgated based solely on race and religious origin. Jews will be denied all basic human rights and Arabs who peacefully coexist with Jews will be accused of treason and made targets for murder.

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