Why I’m Leaving My Home – Again

From Why I’m Leaving My Home – Again:

When I was 13 my family had to flee from Turkey, where my father fought for the Kurdish peoples’ human rights. We came to Sweden in 1980 and settled in Tensta, a Stockholm suburb. For 25 years Tensta was my home. Unfortunately, the neighborhood has changed and I no longer feel safe. The influence of Islamic fundamentalists has grown so much over the years that it is now impossible for me and my family to live there anymore.

I’m tired of being expected to speak badly of Christians and Jews just because I’m Muslim. I’m tired of the hate preachers. I’m tired of seeing women condemned for the way they dress. I never imagined that in the new millennium, and in Sweden of all places, my five-year-old son would have to defend and explain in his day-care center why his mother doesn’t wear a head scarf.

When you have seen Islamists throw acid in the faces of women because they don’t wear head scarves, then there is no room for compromise. They want to impose their ideology on the rest of society. We moderate Muslims know better than the rest of the population in Europe what type of threat Muslim fundamentalists are.

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