Why the “Fence” doesn’t make any sense

1. If it is true that the fence will limit penetration into the “other side” then it will turn the lives of the 200,000 Jews who remain on the “wrong side” into a living hell, and into an inferno that will make the Warsaw ghetto look like children’s play.

2. From the “Arab side of the fence” Katyushas and Kassams will be launched constantly on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanyah, and Afula just as they are presently launched over the fence separating Gaza from “southern Israel”.

3. “Arab Israelis” will continue to intensify their terror campaign on the “Israeli side of the fence”, demanding autonomy and statehood in the Negev and in the Galilee.

4. The cost of the fence will result in billions of dollars that could be used much more effectively to fight Arab terror.

Click on this Smooth Stone archive page, and scroll down to the last post to find a link to an article that discusses why the Fence does make sense.

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