Why do bad people do bad things?

Folks, I searched and searched today to try to find some web article that would satisfy my desire to find a liberally-biased pattern in Judge Whittemore’s jurist history, but I could not find anything. And I thought about why the nation would benefit from my own ego-centric pursuit and, what would the lesson be in this for me to learn? I learned, or I should say, I re-learned that I have a tendency to focus on the evil inclination in humanity, and I ignore the good. I generally am suspicious and suspect others. Fortunately, I am disciplined and I immediately put into practice my resolve to view events and circumstances in life with a more positive approach.

Well, that lasted about an hour.

I can’t figure out for the life of me why Judge Whittemore waited until 3:00pm yesterday to hear the opposing sides in this case, and I don’t understand why Judge Whittemore waited until this morning to pass his judgement, a delay which in itself was such an unkind act, which served to extend the Schindler’s agony. Was Whittemore trying to show his judiciary independence from a cowboy president and his rough rider Congress? Does he want to be appointed to the Supreme Court by Hillary in 2008?

Thomas Sowell in today’s TownHall,wrote:

“the extraordinary session of Congress, calling members back from around the country, with the President flying back from his home in Texas in order to be ready to sign legislation dealing with Terri Schiavo, are things that do us credit as a nation. Even if critics who claim that this is being done for political or ideological reasons are partially or even wholly correct, they still miss the point. It is the public’s sense of concern — in some cases, outrage — that is reflected by their elected epresentatives.”

That’s one of our problems here, folks; our “elected representatives”. Do you know how many House representatives did NOT show up on Sunday night to vote on S. 686, BILL TITLE: For the relief of the parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo? You can see those results here. That’s right, 174 elected officials chose to not vote and that broke down to 102 Democrats, 71 Republicans and 1 Independent. President Bush cancelled the remainder of his holiday in Texas Sunday evening to rush back to Washington in order to sign S. 686 which came into public law at 1:11am. Yet, 174 elected officials chose to exclude themselves from daring to have a personal stake in the life of a disabled person.

Thomas Sowell continues:

“The fervor of those who want to save Terri Schiavo’s life is understandable and should be respected, even by those who disagree. What is harder to understand is the fervor and even venom of those liberals who have gone ballistic — ostensibly over state’s rights, over the Constitutional separation of powers, and even over the sanctity of family decisions. These are not things that liberals have any track record of caring about. Is what really bothers them the idea of the sanctity of life and what that implies for their abortion issue? Or do they hate any challenge to the supremacy of judges — on which the whole liberal agenda depends — a supremacy that the Constitution never gave the judiciary?”

And this is exactly what Mark Levin has been teaching us each night as host on Talk Radio WABC and in his brilliant bestseller, Men In Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America; the Libs and the Liberal elected representatives – hate when the supremacy of judges is challenged and that is why what Judge Whittemore decided today, despite his un-biased record, must be immediately appealled and re-examined.

Rush Limbaugh said today, “the democratic party stands for abortion, and stands for partial birth abortion and stands for the removal of a feeding tube from a disabled person and they get away with being called a party of civil rights!”

What will come out of this, folks? How will we, as a nation, be redeemed? How will we receive God’s Blessing? Whether anyone believes it or not, we are going to be judged in the eyes of God, and what standards do we deserve to be judged by other than by how we choose to end someone else’s life? If we continue on the path we’re on, Americans should be very frightened. May God have mercy on us on Judgement Day.

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