Why Boycott Israel?

From Why Boycott Israel?:

Given a vast palette of injustice and depredations in the world, the British National Union of Journalists singled out Israel to boycott. The boycott was issued as “a gesture of support for the Palestinian people,” some of whom, as it happens, abducted a BBC correspondent, Alan Johnston. The government of Gaza is the political arm of a terrorist organization, and if the West Bank is suffering, the cause is related to a morbid Israeli fear of terrorism. British journalists would no doubt approve similar measures if London’s city buses had not once but repeatedly been blown to smithereens by passengers with the exact fare and belts of explosives. The British journalists, like the British academics before them, dare to tread where an army of goons has gone before. If they do not recognize the ember of anti-Semitism still glowing within them, they ought to park themselves before a mirror and ask why, of all the nations, they single out Israel for reprimand.

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