Why American Jews Should Vote For Bush

Jeff Dunetz writes:

“Perhaps my most vivid of personal memories of 9/11 came over the car radio. Tuned in to my usual fare WFAN a sports radio station, I listened in shock as two afternoon sports hosts, Mike Francesca and Chris Russo blamed the tragedy on the United States’ support of Israel. They went even further suggesting that Jews in the U.S. needed to take a loyalty oath to decide between America and Israel……

In just a few short months, we will be casting our votes for president and as that date approaches, it becomes increasingly clear that it is wrong for Jews to separate their love of Israel from their selection of the next leader of the free world.”

Like Jeff, I will also be voting based on which candidate will be best for Israel. And George W. Bush just so happens to also be the best candidate for the United States. As I’ve written before, once we squash the Islamofascist vermin who want to kill us, then we can worry about the other issues, the economy, unemployment, etc. Because if the vermin do come after us again with more ferocity than they did on 9/11, there won’t be any economy, or other issues to worry about because the Northeast would be a nuclear wasteland.

Wake up people! The vermin are at our gates. Don’t let them in!

Please find the rest of Jeff Dunetz’s article here: Terrorism Is Not a Crime!

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