Who is this woman?

Stop the ISM is trying to identify the young woman with the bullhorn in this photo. She is an ISM (International Solidarity Movement) activist speaking at a Hamas rally held near Ramallah in the West Bank last year (note the Hamas flag in front of her at the rally). In the photo she is surrounded by known members of Hamas.

Is she an American? If so, STOP the ISM wants to notify Homeland Security about her.

The ISM works with Hamas and the PFLP over in the West Bank and Stop the ISM and Front Page Magazine want to stop them once and for all. If she is European or Canadian, European or Canadian intelligence officials will be contacted about her.

By U.S. law it is illegal to work in cooperation or support of known terrorist groups. The ISM tries to claim it is a “peace group” when it is in fact a subversive war movement under the guidance of the PLO and supports terrorists.

Help expose the terrorist enablers like this woman by helping to identify her. Please e-mail: stoptheISM@att.net with any information.