Who is Shelly Yechimovitch?

Folks, when you are wading in an ocean and you see a jellyfish bobbing on the surface, you swim to shore as quickly as you can, right? Right. And the reason you do so is not only because you know the jellyfish is toxic, but you also know that its unseen tentacles, which float hidden beneath the surface of the water, are the most dangerous. Likewise, you should be just as alarmed at the self-hating left-wing Israeli Jewish “journalist” Shelly Yechimovitch, a self-professed propagandist, who was courted by Ariel Sharon’s Kadima party after bragging that she voted for Chadash, the Arab Muslim terrorist political party of Israeli Knesset member Mohammed Barakeh, who openly calls for Israel’s annihilation. Right-wing Israelis have complained for years about Yechimovitch’s state-sponsored Bolshevik “journalism,” which in the past she insisted vehemently was “fair.”Just so you know, in November 2005, Yechimovitch said

I was never an objective journalist, I have an agenda and I want to have influence.

Yechimovitch also said that the Labor Party is the only alternative to the political and economic policies of the extreme-right. Listeners [to Arutz-7] have long complained of strong left-wing bias in Yechimovitch’s reporting, but she continued to be employed by state-run media for years.The Chadash party is the same Chadash party whose chairman Mohammed Barakeh calls for the destruction of “America the big spider” and “Israel the small spider.” – the same Chadash party that enthusiastically praises the Arab Muslim Nazi mass murderers of Fatah, Hamas, Hezballah and Islamic Jihad.Not only Arab Muslim politicians in Israel, but her own self-hating Jewish elite, support the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists who vow to annihilate the Jewish people, and who have already murdered thousands of innocent Jewish men, women and children – Uri Binamo, a young lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces, was murdered by an Arab Muslim terrorist suicide bomber in Samaria on December 29, 2005. Uri stopped a taxicab at an Israeli checkpoint and ordered the occupants out of the car. The Muslim suicide bomber promptly detonated his bomb. (The bomber’s companion and the Arab taxi driver, both complicit in the terrorist plot, also died in the blast.)

According to JTF, after publicly bragging that she voted for these Muslim nazis, Yechimovitch announced that she would be leaving the world of Bolshevik “journalism” to run for the Knesset herself.Unfortunately, these evil political parties do have the support of the majority of Israeli Jews. Polls show Kadima and Labor and the other left-wing traitor parties winning a clear majority of Knesset seats in the upcoming March 28, 2006 election. Why do these self-hating Jews who run Israel support Arab Muslim nazis?