Who is pushing for support of Hamas!?

The Jewish Left, whether in the U.S. or Israel, is no better than the general Left and, in several ways, worse. I’d vote for Netanyahu over Olmert were I eligible.

From Who is pushing for support of Hamas!? by Caroline Glick:

In declaring that the government had decided to stop all direct transfers of funds to the PA, Sunday’s headlines indicated that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his associates have launched a concerted campaign against the Hamas-led PA. But the small print told a different story completely.

Over the objections of the IDF, the government is continuing to allow Palestinians to work in Israel. The government also rejected the IDF’s recommendation to cut off all links to Gaza and transform the passages from Gaza to Israel into international border crossings.

Far from working to cut off international funding of the Palestinians, the Olmert government continues to support international funding of non-governmental and UN organizations that operate in the PA; and apparently does so unconditionally.

Finally while Olmert admitted Sunday that the PA has become a “terrorist authority,” he and his ministers failed to take any actions ­ either diplomatically or militarily ­ that legally arise from this designation.

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