Who Is John Kerry?

John Kerry is a flip-flopping Massachusetts Liberal out of touch with America.  John Kerry is a Northeastern Liberal who votes lockstep with Ted Kennedy.  John Kerry claims he’s for fiscal responsibility, but votes for higher taxes and is against tax cuts.  Kerry is extreme on abortion, supporting federal funding and irresponsible practices.  John Kerry has a “thin record” on health care reform.  He supports fedreral funding of abortions and partial-birth abortions.   John Kerry has a history of contradicting himself and taking both sides of an issue.  That’s right, folks, John Kerry stands for nothing substantial, nothing meaningful to real Americans, he represents nothing for real Patriotic Americans.   Want proof?   Read the following to see John Kerry’s voting record for Eliminating Marriage Penalty For Middle Class, The Patriot Act, The First Gulf War, Gay Marriage Amendment , On Attacking President During Time Of War, Death Penalty For Terrorists , Cuba Sanctions, Federal Health Benefits, The Israel Security Fence  plus many more topics.  Folks, read John Kerry’s flip flops for yourself:John Kerry’s Voting Record

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