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Who cares what Jews think?

What Jews think is immaterial to most Catholics. What Muslims think is more important to most Catholics. It is G-d’s promise that those who curse Israel will be cursed; Catholics included. Do you care what Jews think about the world’s largest cross being built in the northern Israel town of Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus? Catholics are more worried about what Muslims think. From Israel Today:

Leading Catholic officials in the Holy Land are voicing opposition to plans to build the world’s largest cross in the northern Israel town of Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus. Catholic leaders, including Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah, fear the cross would greatly offend Nazareth’s Muslim majority and possibly lead to violence. The cross is the brainchild of local Arab Christian and Italian Catholic businessmen, who hope the use the dazzling white 180-foot crucifix to draw more tourism to Nazareth. The plan has yet to be presented to the Nazareth municipality for approval.

Read more about Michael (Michel) Sabbah, the Christian Catholic Patriarch, who wants to divide Jerusalem, here.

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