Which flavor of lie do you prefer?

Folks, earlier today, the sniveling Lebanese prime minister said that 40 people were killed in an Israeli air raid on the southern village of Houla. He later changed the number from 40 to one, without explanation.

I would bet that the actual scenario was that there was one civilian and 39 Hezbollah fighters were killed but the PM didn’t wish to acknowledge the presence of Hezbollah fighters in a residential area and so they have become non-persons for his purposes. I also suggest the possibility that 40 were killed but a Lebanese official admitted that 39 were Hezbollah fighers and Hezbollah didn’t want the government to report Israeli successes.

Lying is part of the Muslim warrior’s culture. It is a means to an end and the truth is relative to their purposes. There is no honor to a jihadist’s word. “Your word is your bond” is an alien concept to barbarians. Their ideology consists of this: the ends justify the means.

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