Where will you stand on dividing Jerusalem?

Folks, the greatest transgression against G-d and the Jewish people is about to commence. Start praying.

The following was written by Manny Winston:

PM Olmert is coming to America on May 23rd to seek approval and billions of American’ taxpayers’ dollars to divide Jerusalem. He also wishes to force transfer the Jews of Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, and the Golan Heights. Then after he cleanses the Land of Jews, he will turn it over to the Arab Muslim Palestinians to include Hamas, Al Qaeda, Al Aksa who will fill the vacuum as Hezb’Allah did in Lebanon and as Hamas is doing in Gaza.

Olmert follows the earlier planning of ethnic cleansing by former PMs Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Beilin, followed by Ehud Barak, Bibi Netanyahu and finally Sharon – to drive out the pioneering settlers and, leaving homes, farms, roads, factories, schools, synagogues, electrical and water systems so the millions of Arab Muslims Palestinians can move in and take over. Such “Jews” have long passed the threshold of assimilation and are now wholly alienated from their Jewish roots. Only when it is politically necessary do they sprinkle some “Jewish Dust” upon themselves – perhaps by donning a Kippah – and pretend to be Jews.

But, not a day nor a year has gone by without an irrevocable pledge by the Muslims to eliminate the Jewish State. Down through the centuries there was the mistaken belief that, through treaties, agreements, retreat from territory and money bribes that the Muslims of Islam could be appeased. That they would agree to cease their Koranic-driven aggression and abandon their ideology of conquest for Allah if the gesture of pacification was large enough.

But, it never happened, because the bedrock of Islam as a Koranic mandate of Islam is either awaiting strength to conquer or has achieved that strength and then move on to War, e.g. Dar al Harb or Dar al Islam (World of Islam).

The Muslim may sign any agreement with the ‘infidel’ (non-Muslim) but may break it at a time of their choosing and attack. The West has never come to grips with the immutable laws that drives Islam. The greatest offenders presently in not recognizing the irreversible goals of the Islamists are the Israelis and the Leftist Jews in America. America, however, is first learning this lesson in Afghanistan and Iraq, coming in as rescuers only to be betrayed by the very people we saved.

They cannot believe that a deal cannot be struck if the payment (Money) is sufficient. They (the Jews) cannot understand that the only payment acceptable to Islamists is for Jews to abandon their religion and no longer be a claimant to the Land based upon its gift by the G-d of Abraham.

So now a lowly, unprincipled man will come to America to solicit Bush’s approval, along with $10 or more Billion of American taxpayers’ dollars and collaboration to divide the Land of Israel as a useless, temporary bribe to Arabs who will take the gift in anticipation of taking it all.

Ehud Olmert is basically a weak man whose domain has always been in the shadows of back room dealing. There is nothing noble or even likeable about the man. He meets the criteria of the lowest form of politician and is certainly no leader who inspires confidence. Greedy, grasping and little or no connection to what would be called Jewish national memory. Olmert’s frequent proclamations following Shimon Peres that Israel must make every effort to maintain the Jewish Character of the State is ludicrous. They have often shown their loathing for the Torah Laws and those who adhere to the Commandments and the 613 attendant Laws of Ethics (Mitzvot) which the Kadimites find too restrictive.

There are many Jews born of Jewish mothers who consider being identified as a Jew is a gross insult. Granted – like Arabs with their mis-use of ‘Hudnas’ (temporary and false peace gestures) these ‘un-Jews’ also pretend in misleading declarations that they are, indeed, bound to their Jewishness and the Land when neither is true. They not only despise their own roots but, they also despise those observant Jews – like the pioneering settlers, even more. Olmert’s claim that he will keep the Jewish character of the nation by forcing dedicated Jews off their Land is clearly the mark of a Leftist un-Jew who despises the Jewish character of the nation.

Olmert and a gang of Kadimites ‘cum’ Canaanites are coming to descend on Washington like a plague of insatiable locusts. They want Billions of American tax-payers’ dollars so they may divest the Israeli Jewish nation of a large part of Jerusalem and an even larger part of what is already a minuscule State of Jews. They wish to abandon every holy site including Jerusalem, Hebron (the burial cave of Abraham and his family) and all other holy sites that draw Jews to the Land that G-d gave to the Jewish people in perpetuity.

They expect President Bush to appease the Arab oil sheiks and the terrorists of Islam by agreeing to fund the division of Jerusalem and other vital parts of Israel.

I wonder if the Jews and Christians of America will stand for this raid on the treasury so Olmert and Bush can slap the face of G-d. Everyone, every Jew, every Christian must protest in anger Olmert’s proposal to divide the eternal Capital of the Jewish people despite what the Arabist State Department wants. President Bush must be notified by letter, Email, FAX and above all, visits by Jewish and Christian groups denouncing this perfidious plan.

We, in America, do not need further and greater catastrophies visited upon us for driving the Jews out of the Land G-d gave to them. From the moment Olmert arrives on American soil he must be greeted with the disdain he deserves. Every Congressman should be notified that should they vote a budget to divide Jerusalem, they can start looking for another job.

As for George Bush being a co-partner in funding the division of Jerusalem and further encouraging the abandonment of the Land, please let him know he will be marked as a modern day Cain for the rest of his life.

P.S. More Bad News: It has been reported that Bush has caved into European pressure to fund so-called Humanitarian aid and knowing if will mostly go to Hamas claims of transparency notwithstanding. Moreover, when Prime Minister Ehud Olmert shows up in Washington he will be encouraged (read: ordered) to release all the withheld tax monies to the false front of Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) and straight into the coffers of Hamas. The original rat hole built by Yassir Arafat to funnel money from donor nations is still in operation and President Bush has become one of the paymasters using America’s tax dollars.

Let Congress and the President know how you feel about being the signatory to the division of Jerusalem, the Holy, Eternal Capital of Israel and the Jewish people.

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