When Roosevelt ordered the assassination of Yamamoto, there was no international outrage…

…now, Britain along with the rest of Eurabia, condemns the righteous execution of the leader of Hamas. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw described the targeted assassination by Israel of “Sheikh” Ahmed Yassin as “unacceptable and unjustified”. He said: “All of us understand Israel’s need to protect itself – and it is fully entitled to do that – against the terrorism which affects it, within international law. But it is not entitled to go in for this kind of unlawful killing and we therefore condemn it.”

Not entitled?

Let’s talk about international law and who’s entitled.

Do any of you know who Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was and, moreover, what he did?

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was behind the strategic masterpiece of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, led by Yamamoto, brought the stunned United States directly into WWII. OnDecember 7, 1941, a Japanese carrier-based aircraft descended on Pearl Harbor in a terrible surprise attack that sunk and badly damaged every US ship there. It was a great blow and it took three years before the Navy regained its full strength.

In the days following the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese struck throughout Asia. Hong Kong fell to them, then Singapore, then Guam. They moved into the Dutch West Indies (now Indonesia) and onto French Indo-China (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). Finally the American forces holding the Philippines were forced to surrender.

Thousands of American troops died on forced marches to Japanese prison of war camps. In mid-1942 Yamamoto attempted another surprise attack on American forces at Midway Island, unaware that American intelligence personnel had deciphered Japanese military codes.

On the morning of June 4, dive bombers caught Japanese aircraft carriers at their most vulnerable moment: just prior to launching their warplanes, with live munitions on deck and gasoline flowing. In five scant minutes the heart and soul of the Japanese navy, three large carriers, were flaming pyres.

See my point, folks? It was Roosevelt himself who decided that Yamamoto was too important to pass up. The plan of attack called for American fighters to fly over four-hundred miles at extreme low altitude, locate Yamamoto’s flight, and destroy Yamamoto’s aircraft without being detected. And this is what happened – in a major airfight, and in the struggle, Yamamoto’s aircraft plunged into the jungle below and Yamamoto was killed.

That’s right. FDR ordered the assassination of Yamamoto, and it was carried out with much support from our allies.

Now, did Roosevelt violate some international law by going after the leader of an enemy?

Did Roosevelt care about international opinion?

Was Roosevelt entitled to defend his country?

Is there any difference between the US targetting of bin Laden, Hussein, and Khaddafi some 20 yrs ago, and Israel’s actions yesterday? Hell no!

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