When Disease Can Heal

I don’t believe that peace will ever exist between Israel and her Jew-hating Arab neighbors until an atom bomb is unleashed or Moshiach finally arrives. Nonetheless, an article such as the one that follows grounds us because we are reminded that viruses, bacterias and cancers know no religion and know no god. From When Disease Can Heal:

It’s surprising, and a little morbid, that peaceful and thorough coexistence in Israel takes place where death is often near – in the internal medicine ward where I work. As my first day wore on, I realized that our patients are Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs, Jews, immigrants from the former Soviet Union and even Argentineans. But this diversity is not as astounding as the acceptance and goodwill with which the patients and hospital staff live. The hospital witnesses birth and death, disease and recovery, but the most important healing it sustains is that of an entire nation. The patients at Nazareth Hospital are not classified by their race or native language; there are not separate rooms for Jews and Arabs.

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