When Arafat Met Jesus

When Arafat Met Jesus by Mike Evans, author and founder of christianactionforisrael.org

“Two years ago, in the weeks before Christmas, the PA chairman declared Jesus to be a Palestinian Muslim and staged a media spectacle over being forbidden to attend the Catholic Christmas mass by Israel. Arafat, a Muslim, would have gone to represent the governing power, since the town was now under Palestinian Authority control. But in response to his ongoing sponsorship of terrorism, Israel denied him the opportunity.

A year later, just to show the world who’s boss, Arafat decided to punish Israel – for reoccupying Bethlehem in response to yet another wave of terrorist attacks – by canceling Christmas. As he told reporters in Ramallah, the IDF’s decision to declare Bethlehem a closed military zone until the end of the year was a “crime.” Accordingly, Arafat decided to punish the Jewish state by canceling celebrations in honor of the birth of Jesus.

Palestinian terrorists have taken hostages many times before – and murdered them in cold blood – but this was the first time Arafat held the birthplace of Christianity hostage. And I’m ashamed to say, for the most part Christians were silent.”

Click here to read Mike Evan’s entire article on Bethlehem, a town Arafat has done everything to rid of its Christian population.

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