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What’s next for Israel?

According to a couple of little pukes, she must apologize to the Arab nations who attacked her in 1948. From WND:

Pressured for nearly two decades to swap land for peace that never came, Israel will next be asked to apologize to its Arab and Muslim enemies for coming into existence in the first place.

“According to my sources, a new form of pressure will be placed on Israel – pressure to apologize for what Arabs call ‘al-Nabka,’ the catastrophe of the 1948 war that ended with the displacement of hundreds of thousands of them as refugees,” writes Farah in his G2 Bulletin report, available in full to subscribers only. Farah writes that the basis of the argument for an Israeli apology is found in the Aug. 24 issue of Science magazine. In an article written by two researchers from John Jay College’s Center on Terrorism and a professor of “human understanding” at the University of Michigan, a new plan for conflict resolution in the Middle East is unveiled.

The researchers, who adamantly describe their work as “science,” say they went to the Middle East in February to conduct interviews in Syria, the Palestinian Authority and Israel and gauge emotional responses over suggestions for resolution of the conflict.

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