What’s Iran up to?

The Muslim war machine is getting stoked. The Iranian defense minister said the country is in negotiations to buy the Tur-M1 missile system from Russia. Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said Iranian and Russian officials discussed the sale during the fourth meeting of the Iran-Russia defense commission, Fars News Agency reported Wednesday. The official said earlier Wednesday Iran and Russia signed a contract Tuesday for the purchase of another advanced missile system, the S-300. The contract dealt with the purchase of the system from Russia and its deployment in Iran.Moscow and Tehran are also in negotiations for the sale of fighter jet engines and helicopters to Iran, the Kommersant daily reported Dec. 24, citing Russian arms industry officials. Iran wants to buy RD-33 engines for a fleet of new Iranian fighter jets, as well as an upgraded version of the Ka-32 helicopter that Tehran wants to be assembled in Iran, Kommersant said.The Iranians have also managed to get their hands on super-strength CPUs, either through producing or buying such an advanced technology. A supercomputer could help Iran analyze information extremely quickly and use sophisticated encrypting software which requires high-processing power only available from such a machine. The Iranian supercomputer is expected to make the job of intelligence communities worldwide much harder and the custom-written encryption algorithms might slow them down critically in crucial times. The significance of Tehran’s technological achievement is that it could retard the task of retrieving intelligence on military actions such as trajectories or targets of Iranian missiles.

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