What you need to know about Islam

Folks, here’s what you need to know about Islam.When evil is done in the name of Islam, it’s really nationalism.When people get over the FACT that Islam is a political ideology, just like nazism or just like communism, and that it’s not just a “religion”, then we will be able to win this World War III. We will be able to call the enemy by it’s rightful definition: Islam. By calling our enemy “terrorists” without including the critical modifier “Muslim” or “Islamic”, we are letting them literally get away with murder.Folks, don’t you get it? Saying that Islam is a religion makes Islam sound gentle and peaceful. It’s not. Islam *might* have been peaceful a couple of centuries or so ago, since at one time Jews and Muslims did get along, but Islam, and I am talking about Islam full stop, has undergone a horrific transformation – for the worst.Saying that Islam is a religion of peace is equivalent to saying it’s a debutante ball. It’s not.By saying it’s a religion only, places a restraint, or politically correct aura, on the subject, which prevents the media and our Western politicians from naming the enemy, which is deceptive.Islam is nationalism, no matter if the dictates to kill come from sharia, or from an imam who dictates them. The second thing you have to know about Islam is that, conversely of course, all evil against Muslims are, in *their* eyes, religious in nature. This is the only way events against Muslims are perceived by Muslims. Islam is about death. It has always been about death. It is about repression, and has always been about repression. It is about fascism, because it was founded as a religious / fascist / ideology – by a fascist. On 9/11, we weren’t all New Yorkers. When Bali got hit we weren’t all Indonesians. When Madrid got hit last year, we weren’t all Spaniards. When London got hit last week, we weren’t all Brits —- WE ARE ALL INFIDELS and THAT is what you need to know about Islam.

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