Video: What Really Happened in the Middle East?

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is releasing a 10-minute flash video, What Really Happened In The Middle East, that restores reality to the Israeli-Arab conflict, as a fifty-year war by Arab Muslims to reverse what they refer to as the “Nahkba” – the catastrophe of Israel’s birth as a nation.

What Really Happened In The Middle East restores the historical record and shows why the war against Israel is a central front in the Islamic jihad against the West,” says David Horowitz, founder and president of the Freedom Center. “It is our goal to deliver this message to millions of Americans over the Internet so that they can be better equipped to to defend themselves in the war that radical Islam is waging against them.”

What Really Happened In The Middle East is the third video in a series that has been produced and developed by the Freedom Center. The Islamic Mein Kampf and What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad were issued earlier this year and have been distributed to more than two and a half million individuals. All three are available for downloading at

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