What Really Happened in 1948 – Sarah El Shazly, a Palestinian

Everyone knows the Jewish version and the Arab version of what happened in 1948. But there is a third side, that of those who lived there and still do – the Israeli Arabs. Why did Arabs flee the area that became Israel? After all, the ones who remained in their homes still live there today and prosper. The fact is that the Arab world warned the Palestinians against staying with the Jews. They also warned them that Arabs were going in to fight the Zionists and that the Palestinians should leave to avoid getting hurt. Many Palestinians trusted these Arab leaders and left as instructed. Jews begged Arabs to stay and live with them, while Arabs from foreign countries told them to leave right away.

As a Palestinian, I ask the world to please stop exploiting our issue. Where’s the heroism in a small child throwing rocks at a tank? Either warn the child to stay away or just shut up! To all those invested in driving our children to die, please, stay away from us.

What Really Happened in 1948

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