What is today’s reality?

From the always excellent Mark Levin, on National Review Online:

What I fear is that the Democrats will succeed in forcing us from Iraq. The inevitable result will be a blood bath, the expansion of Iran’s power (an Iran which will soon possess nuclear weapons), the expansion of war in that area to include so-called moderate Arab countries and Israel, a launching base for al-Qaeda, and control over major oil fields and facilities that fuel the world’s economy. If you think Afghanistan was a terrorist base, you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you think Somalia 1994 emboldened the enemy, it’ll look like child’s play compared to a defeat in Iraq. And there’s a real potential for an attack or a series of attacks on the United States far greater than 9/11.

I believe we will be back in Iraq and that region within 5-10 years if we leave now. And the cost will be far greater in blood and treasure.

Some of us understand what’s at stake here, but clearly not enough of us. The Democrats and too many Republicans are stuck on September 10, 2001. They worry more about the next election than the next generation.

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