What is the Mexica Movement (MM) ?

Just wanted to let you know about another “Hate America” group festering on our southern border.

What is the Mexica Movement (MM) ?

Well, to start, its leader, Olin Tezcatlitoca says all Americans of European ancestry are “illegal” and should immediately “go home” . The group believes that North America was unjustly “stolen” from its rightful owners by white Europeans. It rejects the legitimacy of any North or Central American nation named or established by Europeans. It advocates open borders, and calls for the expulsion of all whites from North America.

This Mexican anarchist group has adopted the same modus operandi and rhetoric of pro-palestinian groups.
In fact, The Mexica Movement does not confine its activism solely to the goal of returning North America to its pre-Columbian “owners.”

MM is a member of the bitterly anti-Israel “Free Palestine Coalition,” along with such organizations as the American Arab-Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Ramsey Clark‘s Marxist-Leninist International Action Center, Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), the Socialist Workers Party, the Council on American Islamic Relations, the National Lawyers Guild, the Palestinian American Women Association, Veterans For Peace, the Humanitarian Law Project, Coalition in Solidarity with Cuba, the Chapter of the Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, Friends of Sabeel, the Black Radical Congress, the Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Women, and the Islamic Association for Palestine.

Evidently, Olin Tezcatlitoca forgot that Mexico is one of over 140 countries/authorities which have benefited from the State of Israel’s international humanitarian aid.

Arno Weinsten, of the American Friends of Israel’s National Union, had written that the claim that Mexican-Americans are entitled to their own country in the southwestern United States is dismissed by the overwhelming majority of Americans with the distain that can only be mustered by the confident. But now that premise is no longer a confident one. Mexico has the third largest proven reservoirs of crude oil in the Western Hemisphere behind Venezuela and the U.S. As a result, the United States imports virtually all the oil Mexico exports. Consequently, “the U.S. government finds it difficult to take a systematic, hard look at the nearly free flow of illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. As a hedge against instability in the Middle East, the U.S. government has to calculate our oil needs when considering any steps we take regarding Mexico or illegal immigrants.

The US didn’t take any Texas land from Mexico, but rather Texas fought and won its own independence from Mexico and later joined the US. Every April 21st is San Jacinto Day, remembering when Santa Ana surrendered to Sam Houston and Texas won its independence.

The Mexica Movement villifies America because Americans refuse to let Mexicans flood over our borders, take advantage of our freedoms, liberties and largesse that Mexicans had no part in creating. And with all the worry about pandemics, and the knowledge that Ellis Island had a substantial and rather efficient inspection and quarantine process, the fact is half of all the tuberculosis cases recently occurred in foreign-born.

Be vigilant, America. We can be vigilant and protect our borders, or just pray that these behemoths will solve the problem. In either case, Americans are being threatened everywhere by almost everyone, and the enemies are getting closer and closer each day.

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