What Happened to Saddam’s WMDs?

We are convinced that mobile weapons were transferred from Iraq to Syria. Why is the rest of the world resisting the facts evident in satellite footage of that weapons transfer? From What Happened to Saddam’s WMD?, via Daily Alert:

Former federal prosecutor and the head of the non-governmental International Intelligence Summit, John Loftus, has released a report on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program, based on a private study of captured Iraqi documents. As Loftus summarized, “Roughly one-quarter of Saddam’s WMD was destroyed under UN pressure during the early to mid-1990s. Saddam sold approximately another quarter of his weapons stockpile to his Arab neighbors during the mid-to-late-1990s. The Russians insisted on removing another quarter in the last few months before the war.” “The last remaining WMD, the contents of Saddam’s nuclear weapons labs, were still inside Iraq on the day when the coalition forces arrived in 2003. His nuclear weapons equipment was hidden in enormous underwater warehouses beneath the Euphrates River. Saddam’s entire nuclear inventory was later stolen from these warehouses.” Loftus then cites Israeli sources who claim that the Iraqi nuclear program was transferred to Deir az Zour province in Syria. Israel reportedly destroyed a Syrian nuclear installation at Deir az Zour.

For more on Satellite Images, see this.

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