What a farce

While Sharon and Abbas performed their masquerade in front of the global community feigning peace and love and trust, the dirty crust of the “peaceful palestinians” oozed pus. See, the “palestinians” fired a mortar shell Monday at Neve Dekalim in Gaza that exploded in the yard of a house. Fortunately, no Jews were injured.

The pathological “palestinians” also fired at an IDF patrol driving along the Gush Katif security fence in Gaza on Tuesday. Fortunately, no Jews were injured.

Sharon, you’re a depraved man for you to think that a ceasefire is anything but a hudna, which is a word that is part of the “palestinian” lexicon, and is a term that translates to a strategic ceasefire engineered to rearm for the next battle. See, folks, in English it is referred to as a “peace agreement.” In the West, we tend to think of a “ceasefire” leading to peace – to the “palestinians” and to Muslims, a Hudna is designed to lead to war.