What does a hudna or truce mean to a Muslim?

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas on Saturday renewed his offer for a 10-year truce with Israel in return for the establishment of a temporary Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern Jerusalem.

Folks, this whole premise to renew a 10-year truce, is a joke, a dupe, a canard, a betrayal in the wings, and the intended victims are Jews. We know what is to come after the 10 years pass, Haniyeh. We all know how a temporary truce, a hudna, is used as an Islamic strategy against infidels. We know that Arabs don’t want peace with Israel. We also know Arabs want to buy time until they are strong enough to win a war against “the Zionist cancer”. We also know that all peace overtures over the years by the Israelis were interpreted as a sign of weakness by the pan-Arabic nation. The so-called Treaty of Hudaybiyya (also spelled Khudaibiya), was a “peace” agreement that Muhammad made with the Arabian tribe of Quraish. The Treaty was signed while Muhammad and his supporters were not yet strong enough to conquer Mecca, and it has become the standard for Islamic relations with non-Muslims ever since. In fact, the Khudaibiya agreement is the prototype for all of today’s hudnas (truce): it’s not a sincere offer of peace but a tactic of battle, whose purpose is to lull the enemy until one can regain a position of strength. The agreement of Hudaybiyya/Khudaibiya was also to last ten years, but Muhammad broke it within two, using the truce to strengthen himself so that he could attack and defeat the Quraish tribe. Similarly, Salah a-Din (or Saladin) used the tactic of a ceasefire to strengthen himself to attack the Christian Crusaders and throw them out of Jerusalem.

Less than a year after the signing of the Oslo accords, in a speech delivered in a Johannesburg, South Africa mosque on May 10, 1994, the detestable Arafat reassured his own people that the Oslo accords are a similar temporary measure meant only to hold until the Palestinians are ready to attack and defeat Israel. Arafat stated:

“This agreement [Oslo], I am not considering it more than the agreement which had been signed between our prophet Muhammad and Quraish, and you remember that the Caliph Omar had refused this agreement and considered it a despicable truce…But the same way Muhammad had accepted it, we are now accepting this peace effort.” (Ha’aretz, May 23, 1994)

So, now, we are supposed to believe Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. He couldn’t possibly say anything that I haven’t already heard from Muslims already, which is actually a testimony to how the Arab culture perceives Jews and Israel. To Arabs, Jews are a “cancer”, a “virus”, a “tumor”, a “blight”. We’ve heard it all. We’ve also read in the Koran that Jews are under Allah’s curse and were changed by him into monkeys and pigs in Suras 2:62-65, 5:59-60, and 7:166. Christians are thrown in in 5:59-60.

I also believe that there is no law on earth that requires the Jewish people to accept the revision of their history nor their own demise merely because Muslims say we should. It is outrageous in the extreme that the world would accept a scheme that would permit Arabs to have an ethnically cleansed geographical region where no Jews can live. Just as Germans can live in France and French in Germany, Jews should be able to live in their homeland and remain in Hebron and Gaza as Arabs remain in Jaffa and their Galilee villages.

Sorry, but there is absolutely no kind of peace, democracy nor freedom that we can ever talk about with anyone on the Arab side of this conflict. Haniyeh can promise all he wants, but no Jew should feel compelled to believe a word of what he says. All along, we’ve been spoonfed that Islam is a religion of peace. What a bunch of crap that lie is.

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