What do Arabs really think about the Holocaust? We already know what they think about Jews.

Read what Arabs wrote in a Holocaust Museum guest book:

The SNP Museum in the Slovak town Banska Bystrica recently hosted a traveling exhibit of photographs of women, Jewish and non-Jewish, maltreated in Auschwitz and elsewhere during the Holocaust period.

Here is the translation of a page of the guest book, containing the entries of four Arab visitors dated September 7, 2003 (copy of original page available):

1. This exhibit testifies to the quality of organization and handling [of the mission]. From a historical perspective, what Hitler did to the Jews is exactly what they deserve. Still, we would have wished that he could have finished incinerating all the Jews in the world, but time ran out on him and therefore Allah’s curse be on him and on them. (-) Khaled al-Zahraya from Saudi Arabia, 07.09.03

2. This is a museum showing a restaurant [specializing in] Jewish meat, which is what they deserve. Sons of apes and pigs.

The day after the attempt to murder Ahmad Yasin. ‘Umar al-Da’m, Yemen 07.09.03

3. Ibrahim al-‘Arimi, Sultanate of Oman The most beautiful sights of Jews.

(-) 07. 09.03

4. I say what they all say, and will just add that they [Jews] are cursed in this world and the next. Madih, Yemen. (-) 07.09.2003

Note: The names al-Zahraya and al-‘Arimi might be read differently

Thank you to IMRA for the translation.

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