Whack-a-Troll, my Favorite Hobby

Folks, I keep getting spammed by a troll (Click here to read his comments ) and now the troll is complaining in my comments…about my comments rules, which are clearly written on my right sidebar. Jim, who posted and left his email address more than 250 times on this site, has been spamming this site since yesterday, February 11, 2006 and has sent me more than 250 posts and emails in the past 36 hours. He has also posted on a neo-nazi site, under another alias, “MilesOConnor” recruiting other Jew baitors to come to this site to “shut the Jewbie site down”.

Here is my answer: tough, Jimbo. Can’t handle the heat? Then get out of the kitchen. My site, my rules.The idea seems to be, if you’re a gigantic dope, you’re too much of a dope to know you’re a dope. Got that Jim/MilesOConnor? The fact that everyone calls you “dope” while you’re growing up should be a clue, but you don’t get it, because…you’re a dope.So let me type a little slower so maybe THIS time, you’ll understand: I don’t take kindly to threats, Jim/Miles. That’s the first thing you should learn. The second thing is, if you leave your email address as part of a comment that you have posted, it’s now public information and I’m not going to remove something that you have left on this site unless I feel like it. Like most trolls, you’re not very smart, and you’re childish and you’re a loser. Most neo-nazis are. Because you’re not smart, you’re always going to lose, so you can see the problem. You’re pretty much standard, for a troll. Evidently driven by insecurity. And from what I have been told, by “shyness” issues, as well. So there you have it, friends.A Jew baitor can’t handle the heat, so he threatens to silence his opponents. That’s the tactic of the left-wing fascists that live in this country – while demanding freedom of speech for themselves, they alternatively hope to silence their opponents.UPDATE: Jim Summers, aka MilesOConnor, has threatened to contact Muslim groups to shut down Smooth Stone. Knowing how most of America endears Islam, I can imagine how this will end. So, dear friends, if this site disappears, don’t be alarmed. I promise to be back, and remember, it was a neo-nazi Syrian, registered with a neo-nazi website whining about Jews, that attempted to shut down Smooth Stone. I say, Jim/MilesOConnor, if you scream, then surely it must hurt. I’m glad you’re in a lot of pain, loser.

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