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Wear Green Today and fight the Wear Orange libtard campaign

Today, January 11th, wear green and help counter the left’s campaign of appeasing terrorists.

The ACLU has a campaign running to close Guantanamo and release detained al-Qaida and other terrorists captured during our country’s Global War on Terrorism.

Click here to read more about the libtards Wear Orange campaign.

Show your support for the War on Terrorism, our Troops, their mission–and the detainment of dangerous terrorists at Guantanamo.

Wear Green January 11th!

Why green? Because green is the color of our military, especially the Army and Marines, who guard Guantanamo and the terrorists detained there. Although in fairness, the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard help support the mission there as well. Learn more about “Gitmo” here.

Learn the truth about Guantanamo, from the Wall Street Journal:

Gitmo’s Guerrilla Lawyers: How an unscrupulous legal and PR campaign changed the way the world looks at Guantanamo.

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