We Win, They Lose Campaign

The We Win, They Lose campaign is off to a strong start. Over 9,300 have signed the petition, 466 bloggers (including Smooth Stone) have joined the coalition, and more than 500 websites and blogs have written about it.

We Win, They Lose will keep on keeping you informed because some in Washington are always looking for new ways to defund the war effort and undercut our troops. We will engage them at every turn, and we won’t back down.

We Win, They Lose can only keep growing if we expand our circle of support beyond the blogs most of us read on a daily basis. Can you go to WeWinTheyLose.com now, and tell 10 friends and family? It’s very easy:


As to what’s next, stay tuned. It’s likely you’ll be hearing from some of your favorite bloggers in this space, as we continue to expose the truth behind the surrender agenda.

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