We Should Not Forget

We Should Not Forget

Eight people were killed and 62 people were wounded (10 in serious and critical condition) in the homicide bombing on a bus in the German Colony neighborhood in Jerusalem, on February 22, 2004.

Staff Sergeant Nathaniel Havshush z’l – Age 20

Lior Azulai z’l – Age 18 – 12th grader

Yehuda Haim z’l – Age 48

Article: Murder of Our Sandwich Man in Jerusalem

Yuval Ozana z’l – Age 31

Bnayahu Jonathan Zuckerman z’l – Age 18 – 12th grader

Yaffa Ben-Shimol z’l – Age 57

Rahamim Rami Duga z’l – Age 37 (no picture yet)

Ilan Avisedris z’ – Age 41

May the memory of those that were killed be blessed.

May the wounded have a full and speedy recovery.

Smooth Stone gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Jacob for supplying the harrowing photos.

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