Was there a plot to kill Bush in Chile?

On his website, To the Point, Dr. Jack Wheeler tells about a conflict between Bush’s security detail and Chile’s security over the latter’s refusal to have a metal-detector at a state dinner for the president. There is speculation, Wheeler points out, that Bush-loathing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a chum of Fidel Castro, is somehow connected to the incident.

Wheeler explains that Chilean officials attempted to block Secret Service agent Nick Trotta from protecting the president.

Writes Wheeler: “The attempt was a clear double-cross, because all security arrangements are made and agreed upon for the POTUS (President of the United States) between the Secret Service and host country security well in advance and etched in stone. The Chilean police knew and agreed that Trotta would be with the president, yet they blocked him in a complete surprise.

“Far worse than this was Chilean President Lagos’ refusal to have guests at a State Dinner go through a metal detector. No one attends a function with the POTUS, either here in the U.S. or anywhere in the world, without going through a metal detector, and this was agreed to way beforehand in Santiago. At the last moment, Lagos refuses – then cancels the dinner when the Secret Service won’t budge.”

Folks, the night before this incident occurred, President Bush senior was intending to fly from Dallas to Houston. Fortunately for him, he cancelled at the last minute for the plane crashed and all passengers were killed.

Was this also a failed plot to murder President Bush senior?

I bet Charlie Brooker is just delighted.

Was there a plot to kill Bush in Chile?

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