Was California arson by Al Qaeda?

Received by email. Written by Emanuel Winston:

For some time American Security Intelligence knew that Islamist Terrorists have been filtering into America, as “sleeper” cells, observing and awaiting their chance or signal from abroad. The State Department as America’s gate-keeper has held the gates wide open and they came in.

The 19 hijacking terrorists who perpetrated 9/11 on America, killing almost 3,000 men, women and children could have been stopped. The 19 came into America freely, took air plane flying lessons, hijacked four planes, crashed two that collapsed the Twin Towers/World Trade Center, one smashed the Pentagon and one was downed by the passengers into a field in Pennsylvania. Of the 19 Al Qaeda terrorists, 15 were Saudis and 4 were Egyptians.

The FBI were instructed by the State Department NOT to investigate Muslims, lest it offend our oil sources. As a result, American universities are flooded with Muslim so-called students whose favorite classes are nuclear physics, chemistry and biology.

That’s the price we pay for America’s open borders and lack of security. Giving out driver’s licenses wholesale will only increase America’s dangers. SEE BELOW! That’s real life happening NOW!

Investigators know now that at least one of the huge fires in California was caused by arson. They could have been caused by a simple nut or, as happened in the Carmel forests of Israel and the forests on Route 1 to Jerusalem which were set by Muslim arsonists.

One Email report from AP (in full below) saying that: AL QAEDA MAY HAVE SET THE FIRES THAT ARE RAGING IN CALIFORNIA. “The FBI alerted law enforcement agencies June 25th that an al-Qaeda terrorist now in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western U.S….Many forest law enforcement officers had no idea the warning had been issued.”

PHOENIX (AP) — The FBI alerted law enforcement agencies last month that an al-Qaeda terrorist now in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western United States.

Rose Davis, a spokeswoman for the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, told The Associated Press that officials there took note of the warning but didn’t see a need to act further on it.

The contents of the June 25 memo from the FBI’s Denver office were reported Friday by The Arizona Republic. Davis declined to share a copy of the memo and an FBI spokeswoman in Denver didn’t immediately return a telephone call.

The Republic reported that the detainee, who was not identified, said the plan involved three or four people setting wildfires using timed devices in Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming that would detonate in forests and grasslands after the operatives had left the country.

The memo noted that investigators couldn’t determine whether the detainee was telling the truth. The newspaper said many forest law enforcement officers it contacted had no idea the warning had been issued.

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