Third earthquake in less than a week hits Israel

Received by email:

Another earthquake hits Israel. (Warnings?) Third earthquake in less than a week shakes central Israel; no injuries or damage reported, but analysts warn nation unprepared for expected major quake.

Follow-up to same email:

The reason I mentioned “warning”, is that this comes BEFORE Olmert
makes official commitments – three in one week?? When have you remembered three in one week? Three LITTLE ones – just a warning.

Unlike Katrina, where there was no warning, which first formed on the earth as a tropical depression exactly 2 1/2 hours after the last communities in Shomron were officially emptied of Jews and delineated as closed military zones, then it hovered around not higher than a category 3 storm, until Israel began to dig up its dead and Katrina SUDDENLY became category 5, hit land and did all that damage during the days that it took for Israel to FINISH digging up its dead.

I still have the email with the National Hurricane Center website describing Katrina’s exact history, as well as the IDF announcements of its own progress …

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