The war in numbers – IDF in action

Received by email:
Since hostilities broke out in northern Israel and Lebanon 26 days ago, (WWII took 5 years)

89 Israelis have been killed including:

-46 soldiers and 43 civilians,
-497 civilians were killed in Lebanon according to authorities,
-400 Hizbullah guerillas were killed according to the IDF,
-2,100 rockets fired at Israel,
-220 was the highest daily toll of rockets fired at Israel,
-90 kilometers was the deepest point Hizbullah’s rockets reached, landing near Hadera, tens of thousands of tiny metal balls inside Syrian made 302 mm rockets,
-8,700 sorties were flown by the IAF over Lebanon,

-4,600 targets were attacked by the IAF including:
-260 headquarters and buildings belonging to Hizbullah
-60 bunkers
-70 weapons warehouses
-30 Hizbullah infrastructure targets
-90 Rocket launchers
-100 suspicious vehicles believed to be carrying rockets or guerillas
-50 bridges
-1,200 launch sites and roads leading to launch sites
-10,000 soldiers are operating in southern Lebanon
-8 brigades are operating in southern Lebanon
-20 special covert IDF operations in Lebanon
-10,000 short range rockets still believed to be in the possession of Hezbullah.
-100 long range rockets still believed to be in the possession of Hizbullah.

Some of the figures represent estimates or had been rounded up.

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