Wake Up and Smell the Muslims

Received by email. Excerpted from Stan Goodenough’s “Wake Up and Smell the Muslims“:

For the family and friends of the eight boys murdered in cold blood in the Jerusalem seminary last Thursday night – the eyes that have been running with tears are still far from drying. The mourners continue to sit shiva, and I imagine for most their thoughts are far from what is going on in the rest of the world. May God comfort them.For the rest of the Jewish people, and for many in the Christian world, I very much hope the response of Gaza’s Arabs to the heinous and terribly cruel act of mass murder reached them.

It needs to be seen: First, take a look at the faces of the young victims in this newspaper report.

Then follow this link to video recordings showing how Gaza’s Arabs reacted to the news that these students had so brutally been robbed of their lives.

You will see Muslim Arabs – old and young – who, having heard the news, stand up from where they were bowed prostate before their god and break into instantaneous and rapturous celebration. You will see them waving flags and banners around a large bonfire; handing out candy to passing cars while proudly posing for the cameras; bellowing their excitement; clapping furiously; handing out maps of their longed-for State of Palestine (encompassing all of Israel); and you will see a boy carrying bagpipes to play in one of the many popular youth bands.

To remind the viewer what all the joy, laughter and dancing is all about, the video ends with a 20 second look into the back of one of the ambulances that responded to the yeshiva massacre.

If you missed it the first time, here it is again. Follow this link to video recordings showing how Gaza’s Muslim Arabs reacted to the news that Jews had so brutally been robbed of their lives.

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