Wahhabi groups and Islamization of Turkey threaten the security of Bulgaria

From Wahhabi Groups and Islamization of Turkey Threaten the Security of Bulgaria:

Alex Alexiev, adviser on national security with the Pentagon and the CIA, and a Vice President for Research with the Center for Security Policy, said in an interview:

“Bulgarian Muslims, like those of the rest of the Balkans and Russia, are syncretic and of Sufi origin, and have always been very moderate.”

“Recently, however, there are two trends that give me reason to be very concerned. First, there is the increasing presence in Bulgaria of radical Wahhabi groups like Al-Waqf al-Islami.”

“Secondly, and much more importantly right now, is the disturbing trend of the rapid Islamization of Turkey under the government of Erdogan.”

“What we have in Turkey today is a wholesale assault by Erdogan’s regime on the secular traditions of Turkish society as established by Mustafa Kemal.”

Folks, Bulgaria is one of the few European nations that can be named as having committed itself to saving Jews during the Holocaust. To read more about how Bulgarians saved the Jews in Bulgaria during WWII, click here and here and especially here.

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