Vote for George Bush !

Folks, John Kerry is a very dangerous man. He’s been dangerous for 35 years. He’s been on the wrong track for 35 years. All of our enemies are rooting for him. When he was just running in Massachussetts they could get away with all his crap. Now Kerry wants the United States to be the cradle of appeasement and surrender and liberalism. He doesn’t represent blue collar workers in the Tri-State area, or in West Virginia and Ohio! He is a leftist – he has nothing in common with the democratic party – this is nothing about party loyalty. This election is about the future of our country!

Folks, this is an election about national security and liberty at home, prosperity at home, and homeland security for Americans at home and abroad. This is what war is about. It IS ugly. And it’s going to get worse. Bush didn’t start this war. Muslims did. Name the enemy, people! Get some courage!!

A vote for George Bush is a lit candle in memory of those who were murdered on September 11th!

Get out early on Tuesday, folks, and vote for George Bush!

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