Volunteers for Israel

WEBSITE: http://www.vfi-usa.org

The War with Hezbollah is entering its fourth week.
There is no immediate sight to the killings and destruction.

NOW is NOT the time to hide.
NOW is NOT the time to put your head in the sand.
NOW is NOT the time to hope that someone else will step forward.

NOW is the time.
YOU are the difference.

Volunteers for Israel (VFI) is still sending volunteers to Israel. We are receiving a high volume of calls and inquiries about the program. We have a fair number of volunteers in Israel now. A group is leaving today and tomorrow. VFI volunteers are working on logistic bases preparing food and medical supplies for the IDF. Volunteers are
repairing and maintaining vehicles and communication gear.

What can YOU do?

-If YOU want to help in a DIRECT way – join the program and GO.
-If YOU can not go yourself –

o Support VFI via a contribution – so we can reach out to more people
o Work with your local VFI office to assist them to get the word out and help in processing and preparing volunteers who are going.
o Tell your friends, family, and members of your community about the program. Word of mouth is the way most people find out about the program
o Contact the local Jewish Federation and see what you can do in your own community
o Join Hasbara groups in your area – to explain Israel’s position and why it should continue to enjoy continued support in America
o Support other Israeli centric groups with your contribution and support.

As various points in our lives we get opportunities to stand up and be counted. This is YOUR chance.

B’Shalom –

PS – visit our web site for the latest status – http://www.vfi-usa.org

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