Video: Semi-protected Schools, Damaged Homes and Kassam Rockets: A Day in the Life of Sderot

Via One Jerusalem:

The city of Sderot is a city of 20,000 people located directly east of northern Gaza. In the last seven years, thousands of Kassam rockets have been fired from Palestinian homes, fields and schools onto Sderot. Residents of Sderot live in constant fear of falling rockets with only 15 seconds notice.

For more on life in Sderot read Rick Richman.

It is hard to fully appreciate the toll this bambardment actually takes on a city like Sderot.

Click here for photos and video clips showing some of the Kassam rockets collected at the police department launched by Arab mass murderers, and of the destruction of Jewish homes and schools as a result of being bombarded by Arab maniacs bent on achieving Jewicide.

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