Video: Saddam’s Men Torturing Iraqis

A grisly videotape showing acts of torture carried out by Iraqi Republican Guard and Saddam Fedayeen militiamen has been declassified and obtained by Fox News.After the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime in April, an Iraqi in Baghdad gave the tape to the U.S. Army’s 308th Civil Affairs Brigade, V Corps. He told the soldiers he had more videos and was directly involved in their taping, having been ordered to do so by the Republican Guard.The 23-minute long tape contains several scenes of Saddam Fedayeen fighters carrying out corporal punishment and at least one execution, probably of a Saddam Fedayeen member.Sources told Fox News that the man who handed over the current tape is cooperating with U.S. troops and will provide more tapes.Readers may view the video on the AEI website, but caution is advised. The video is extremely graphic and disturbing, and definitely unsuitable for children.

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