Video: Peace Now’s ruse backfired

Folks, check out this ruse that Peace Now tried to pull off on Jews celebrating Simchat Torah. In this video, during Simchat Torah celebration in Hebron – Judaism’s second holiest city – a scuffle breaks out between Jews and Muslim Arab terrorists, and is – ironically – filmed by a Peace Now bystander.

What a coincidence that he just happened to have been there with a video camera, no?

Watch carefully as one of Peace Now’s plants in the foreground is asked what he is doing there, while a Jew beats the crap out of another one of Peace Now’s plants, a Muslim Arab terrorist in the upper background.

My favorite part was watching the Muslim Arab terrorist getting his ass kicked, and then running away, screaming. Actually, watching the Pali coward run was the best part.

Clearly, Peace Now planted their dirty rat bastards in two positions.

The whole video was a fraud, and it backfired on Peace Now.

Thank you, Peace Now, for showing us just what moral pygmys your fraudulent “peace” Jew-hating group is composed of.

And thank you for the sample video so that we can post it on our blogs and show your manipulation and mendacity to the whole world.

Can you spell Backfired?

Check out the video here.

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