Video: Jimmy Carter’s War Against the Jews

Via FrontPage. It was almost exactly five years ago that Jimmy Carter was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for his grandstanding attacks on his country and his president in the run-up to the Iraq war.

But it is Israel, a small democratic nation amidst a sea of hostile dictatorships, that has been the object of Carter’s most enduring obsessions and the target of his most unscrupulous slanders.

Our newest flash video, “Jimmy Carter’s War Against the Jews,” lays bare this aspect of Carter’s political career in devastating detail. Based on a pamphlet by Jacob Laksin, the video powerfully refutes the lies that Carter has spread about the Jews and Israel in his many books and speeches.

Point by point, the video explodes Carter’s duplicitous claims about Israeli policies and the Jewish state’s treatment of Palestinian Arabs. Contrary to his cultivated image as an international peacemaker, the video shows Carter to be a world-class hypocrite, harping endlessly on Israel’s supposed flaws while averting his gaze from the tyrannies that populate the Middle East, all the while pocketing generous contributions from Arab despots. It is a devastating portrait of the real Jimmy Carter. Having seen it, you will never look at the 39th president the same way.

To see the video, Click Here.

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