Video Discloses Alleged Plot To Target Sears Tower

An undercover video acquired by CBS 2’s Miami sister station, WFOR-TV CBS 4, reveals an inside look at a suspected terror group leader accused in a plot to target U.S. landmarks, including the Sears Tower.

The suspected group was based in Miami and was allegedly led by a former Chicagoan.

As CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, that Chicago suspect was apparently trying to recruit help with his mission when he was busted.

The “Liberty City 7”, as they have been dubbed, face terrorism charges after government agents uncovered an alleged plot to blow up buildings, including the Sears Tower, the Miami Federal Courthouse, [and as heard in the video, linked below, the Empire State Building] and the Miami FBI offices, as well as other structures.

The undercover video shows Narseal Batiste, and others taking, what prosecutors claim, is an oath to the al Qaeda terrorist organization, as well as conversations in which Batiste tells an FBI undercover agent his plans for blowing up buildings.

Here is a link to the undercover video as shown on CBS Miami. Try to ignore the blather of the dumbass Jay Levine at the end of the video, who without any factual evidence, states that the conspirators were just “talking” suggesting that these men were harmless. Allright, Jay, terrorist apologist, we’ll remember that when we dig out your remains beneath twisted metal.

Good grief, what is it about the media that lends itself to hatching the stupidest dopes on record? Wait, I have a better question. What is it about Islam that lends itself to breeding more Muslims who want to perpetuate 1,400 years of massacres, pillages, and conquest, far more brutal than anything the West ever did – making its followers still pine for the glory of the supremacy as a result of those crimes, as well as the deliberate humiliation it imposes on the “infidels” it still subjugates? Surely, Islam is not a religion but a political identity, a political entity, like a gang with a name and gang colors. Are the Crips a religion? Are the Bloods a religion? No and no. Get my point?

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